The ranch

Bar-A Ranch is 103-acres of grassland and hardwood stands in the town of Normangee in Leon County, Texas.

The Ranch is G.A.P. Humanely Raised Step 4 Beef Cattle Certified.


Sustainability Initiatives:

Recycling - Residents, employees and guests are discouraged from bringing plastic bottles, Styrofoam, excessive plastic and other ocean-bound trash onto the Bar-A. Even so, we end up with a lot of these items, so we are vigilant about rinsing and repurposing, up-purposing, and/or recycling them.

Manure Management - We use a Chain Harrow to drag our pastures. This reduces greenhouse gasses and reduces reliance on manufactured fertilizer.

Additional benefits of sound manure management practices:

1. Fly Control - Flies are evil. They bite my cows and cause blood loss, poor health and an overall foul mood for me and my cows. Flies lay eggs in fresh cow manure. By spreading the manure, we eliminate fly larvae habitat.

2. Fertilization - Cow manure is good for your pasture's soil due to its nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium content. Dragging it spreads the goodness.

3. Leveling - We've all noticed unsightly, "lumpy" pastures. Areas just around manure piles, because they are highly fertilized, grow higher than the surrounding areas, have a higher elevation, causing the embarrassing lumpiness.

4. Feed Grazing efficiency. Cattle don't eat grass that grows out of manure piles. I don't blame them

5. Aesthetics. Nobody likes to look at and/or smell a bunch of crap.

All-Natural Fertilizer - When supplemental fertilizer is applied, it is not "manufactured". Well, it is, but by rabbits, not by people, robotics, electricity, fuel and machinery. We apply liquid fertilizer made from Texan rabbits' manure. Here's more info about my cool fertilizer supplier over in East Texas

No-Till Pastures - We don't disk or till our pastures. These practices release carbon into the atmosphere. When we plant millet, wheat or rye we either broadcast the seeds onto the surface of the pasture or use a seed drill implement, which keeps the pasture surface mostly intact.

Rain Water Collection - We capture rain water from portions of our gutter system and use it to water our veggie garden and ornamental plants.






7937 County Road 487
Normangee, Texas 77871

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