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We want to be your family’s beef supply partner.


We offer truly
‘ranch-to-table’ beef


Our cattle are on pasture their entire lives. We finish our cattle for beef on pasture with ample grass with plenty of space to graze and interact with other cattle. They’re always provided clean, clear water, shade.
We finish with an all-natural, healthy feed supplement for a bit more marbling than straight grass finished.
Our beef is harvested from our cattle. Most of our cattle have spent every second of their lives on our ranch.
We will have steers ready in Spring ’22. Reserve yours now!
Your beef can be picked up at the ranch or delivered by me to your house free of charge anywhere from Houston to Dallas over to Austin.
We sell steer halves and arrange custom processing and delivery for our customers. Contact us via phone or email for questions and pricing. Thank you for your consideration!


We have a select group of multi-year, repeat customers and are ready to have more. This is the result of growth initiatives that we've undertaken over the past few years. Hasn't been easy, but we're proud of the results. Take a look at some of our repeat customers’ comments, we take pride in their opinion of our work.

"I've been a Bar-A beef customer for 8 years.  My family enjoys the excellent flavor and health benefits of Bar-A beef and the assurance that our beef was raised in a natural, humane and sustainable environment.  Strongly recommend a ranch tour to see for yourself!"
- David Kappel (Klein, Texas)

"I've seen first hand the natural, relaxed and humane way that Ed raises his cattle. The burgers are outstanding and the steaks have a flavor that you can't get at the grocery store. I've been a happy customer of the Bar-A for 6 years."
- Mike F. (Castle Rock, Colorado)

"I prefer the flavor of Bar-A beef to grocery store feedlot beef. Walk to your freezer instead of driving to the grocery store. After going to the Bar-A and interacting with Ed the Bar-A herd, I'm not interested in any other beef."
- Jimmy J. (Phoenix, AZ)






7937 County Road 487
Normangee, Texas 77871

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