Bar -A Ranch

We sell beef and beef cattle here. Our cattle are raised humanely, respectfully, naturally, always on pasture and always breathing fresh Texas air.

The Bar-A is owned and operated by a 5th generation cattle rancher. We do things now a little differently than the previous 4 generations, but we share the same love for animals, the addiction to the outdoors and the respect for our environment.

Our way is not the easiest or the cheapest way. Hard work, Self-Reliance and Sustainability are our guiding principles. We’re proud that the flavor of Bar-A beef transcends that.

We raise our cattle humanely. Bar-A Ranch is G.A.P. Certified to Step 4.

Our cattle are raised naturally, never given growth hormones or antibiotics.

Our customers prefer and appreciate:

  • The delicious taste of beef harvested from cattle who have lived happy, relaxed, natural lives.
  • The priority we give to our herd’s emotional and physical health.
  • The opportunity to visit and interact with the positive environment from which their beef is harvested.
  • Our appreciation of and dedication to the environment that we humbly share with Texas wildlife.
  • The sustainability initiatives upon which the ranch is modeled.

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Humanely raised

Bar-A Ranch is G.A.P. Certified to Step 4.

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7937 County Road 487
Normangee, Texas 77871

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